Results Driven Leadership

A Business Case for Leadership Excellence

Executive Goals is a coaching and consulting company with an emphasis on building results driven leadership skills and professional growth. Since 1999, Executive Goals has focused on developing strong leaders.

Are you the leader of a new project or department?

lime_green_button_-_roundAre you under pressure to set your strategy and prioritize your time?
lime_green_button_-_roundDo you want to create a vision that will captivate your people?
lime_green_button_-_roundAre you tasked with introducing a culture change on top of creating big results?

Feeling stuck in your career role? Are you ready for more responsibility? Is it time to:

lime_green_button_-_round  Update your professional development plan and set clear aspirations?
lime_green_button_-_round  Define your leadership style and understand your value to the team?
lime_green_button_-_round  Revitalize your skill sets and clarify your natural talents so you can turn heads with your achievements and ideas?

Are others concerned about your leadership approach?

lime_green_button_-_roundAre you receiving carefully-worded input on your employee communication style?
lime_green_button_-_round Are you looking for better ways to coach and develop your team (and yourself)?
lime_green_button_-_roundAre you feeling impatient and frustrated? Do you wish you had hired better people?
lime_green_button_-_round   Do your people seem overly dependent on your input and opinions?

Assure Your Talents are in DEMAND!

lime_green_button_-_round Discover unique opportunities and perspectives
lime_green_button_-_round Position yourself professionally as insightful and strategic
lime_green_button_-_round Focus your time and resources with a step-by-step plan

Have you considered bringing in a business-savvy coach to walk this journey with you?
What would two hours, once a month, do for your clarity?  With a coach, you can discuss your plans and accomplishments, tweak your effectiveness, and know you have someone who will help you cover all the bases!

Business Solutions:

  • 1:1 Coaching for yourself and Group Coaching for your team.
  • Group Coaching for cross-functional teams.
  • Assistance with creativity and strategic thinking.
  • Success Mentoring for leaders with big jobs and complex projects.

Cutting Edge Approaches:

  • Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ): assessments and exercises for building TRUST and promoting innovation through communication
  • Stakeholder-Centered Coaching: holistic coaching interventions that engage a whole team’s dynamics based on the Marshall Goldsmith method
  • Gallup Strengthsfinder assessments and exercises to promote integration and alignment
  • Branding for individuals: Defining your brand and your brand descriptors with your style

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